Welcome to my blog!

Hello lovely people, welcome to my photography blog! My name is Pam in case you can’t tell, and I have a basic love with all thing computer. That is why I first got into photography 10 years ago actually. I got a digital camera for my birthday and I loved it, but I loved messing with the picture on the computer more than anything else. I would mess around on Photoshop for hours at a time, and even had some of my creations printed off. I also can attribute my love of picture taking to my mother, who left me her Canon D-60 camera after she passed. Since then I started taking pictures at my younger brothers football game just like she would for us. I actually love sports photography most out of any type, although nature shooting is a spectacle in itself.
Follow my blog for constant posts about photography, as well as generic information about computers and technology. Expect to see some reviews, news pieces, and some personal stories on here. I hope that this blog can become a large part of my life, and if you are willing to follow me on this journey then maybe it can become a part of your life as well. Thanks for checking my blog out, hope to see you soon.