Polaroid 2.0

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the first news piece on my computers and electronics blog, I am really excited! I wanted to start off with a post about photography since this is supposed to be mainly a photography blog, so here it is!

Instant cameras are making a comeback!

I am so excited for these thing to be mainstream again, even if Polaroid isn’t at the helm of the technology anymore. Fujimax Instax is a booming business, and they offer some surprisingly good priced cameras. There is also the impossible Project, which aims to keep old Polaroid cameras full of film although at the cost you are better off getting a new camera.

Polaroid Camera

There are so, so many reasons to have an instant camera. You can take a picture and then hand it off to someone immediately, something that digital cameras will never be able to compete with. Of course you will never be able to get the same beautiful photos for your wedding with an instant camera as you would with a full setup and Photoshop, but you will be able to capture pictures with your guests and hand them off immediately. Do you guys own any instant cameras? Tell me what you think of them below. Speak to you again soon!