Amazon Chime

Hello guys and gals, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I thought I would take a step back from talking about photography today, and instead talk about a new service from internet service giant Amazon.

Amazon Web Services.

It has been over a decade since Amazon Web Services was launched, and at the time the cloud and on demand computing service was relatively untouched by Amazon, until now. Earlier this week Amazon launched its unified communications platform, Chime. Essentially Chime is a competitor to both Google Hangout and Skype, and will most likely deliver big blows to any company that focuses on offering enterprise focused meeting software. One of the coolest features I have read about is that Chime will actually call you before a meeting/call, meaning that I won’t miss any more overseas chats with family at 2 in the morning

Chime is set to essentially offer all the different features that other video communication software has rolled out in the past 8 years, including screen sharing, one touch calls, chat rooms, recordable calls, and seamless switching between the app on different devices in case you start a chat on your desk but have to move to the kitchen.. Chime is set to have three plans at first, one for free and two paid.

The free plan only included video and voice chats between two people and no screen sharing, were as the first paid tier has screen sharing, 1GB of stored history and chat rooms for only $2.50 a month. The third tier takes a price hike, up to $15 a month but offers meetings with up to 100 people so it is more geared towards being a big business account. Let me know if you try out this software, and what you think about it. Have a great day!     


  Amazon Web Services